Bamboo Garden edit info

6409 8th Avenue Brooklyn 11220 (65)
t: 718 238 1122
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Bamboo Garden Restaurant
6409 8 Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220

718 238 1122

Dim Sum (Chinese hors oeuvres) is one of my favorite meals. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for a small or medium restaurant to produce the quantity and variety to make this meal truly enjoyable.

Bamboo is a very large restaurant, but somehow there always a delicious smelling cart of Dim Sum coming your way. Bamboo Gardens also has some interesting variations of traditional Dim Sum fare. I.e. stuffed eggplant is served cold with a mayonnaise sauce on the side. Instead of boiled small spare ribs the ribs are broiled with taro and sauced.

Each dish costs about three dollars and five can stuff themselves for sixty dollars. The restaurant is newly decorated and clean, but there is a draw back parking is very tough


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