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141 west 38 street Brooklyn 10018 (seventh avenue)
t: 212 9447420
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Arno Restaurant
141 West 38 Street
New York, NY


Arno Restaurant like the Arno River is classically Italian. The ambiance of dark wood and large mirrors reminds you of Tuscany. Interestingly enough Tuscany is famous for its beef and there is very little beef on Arno’s menu.

What Arno does have is someone who knows fish and seafood. Its Calamari was freshly done, fried Calamari that sits becomes greasy and rubbery, and the sauce was nicely piccante, just a little heat. Avoid the Mozzarella and Basil it was very plain Jane.

There are daily specials and we got Bass with a butter, cream and caper sauce that was truly good. Bass is not often found in NYC restaurants, being a inland fresh water fish and when done right is delicious and this was superb.

If you have to die a martyr’s death consider Arno’s desserts as a reasonable reward their white chocolate cake with strawberries is to die for and their ordinary chocolate mouse is far from ordinary.

The service is excellent, but the dinner can be pricey at $ 180 for two with tip.


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