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  • 10 Things to do in Williamsburg this Fall

    By blogger Ivory Chafin Don't let the end of summer get you down. Gear up for the festive holiday season by sampling the fun Williamsburg has to offer this Fall. ______________________________Show off your sewing skillsMake your best homemade costume and >
  • It's Halloween time!

    The streets of Williamsburg will soon be filled with costumed strangers (stranger and more costumed than usual).  Of course this is a time to turn back and consider history... history of the neighborhood through ghost stories and hauntings!    There >
  • Seeking new billburg blogger(s)!

    So much has happened in Williamsburg this summer!  We've all experienced so much!  As you can see, the billburg team has been busy experiencing the amazingness of Williamsburg without blogging about it. If you would like to join the billburg >
  • What did you think of Williamsburg Walks 2009?

    Williamsburg Walks, the pedestrian festival that took place on Bedford Avenue on Saturdays in June and July this year, is inviting the public to share their opinions and ideas at a special feedback session. Williamsburg Walks, sponsored by Neighbors Allied >
  • Summer! Summer!

    It has been an interesting summer, hasn't it? First and foremost, moment of silence for Carlos Alverez.  We'll all miss you. --- Happened to make it out to Brooklyn Kitchen's Kikuichi Cutlery demo -- sneak peek preview of their new >
  • Stuff's going on

    With the start of July, we're turning to the internet to tell us what's happening about town. You've heard about Williamsburg Walks by now, haven't you? I think something special is going on for Fourth of July. There have been >
  • End of June blog roll

    A few interesting things have been happening in Williamsburg lately.  Who's made it out to Williamsburg Walks?  And the Northside Festival?  What about Make Music New York? Here's a few things that caught my eye in the last month: Black >
  • June week 1 bloggish rollish

    Not satisfied with your band's practice space?  There will be some new options over at North 14th coming soon... Ever wanted to step inside the Polish Slavic Center in Greenpoint?  Go catch an opera performance there on June 28th. In >
  • Random blog roll

    Zombie crawl this Sunday, starting at the Charleston at 2pm! Spuyten Duyvil just opened up a gorgeous backyard for lounging & drinking. Time's Up has a space in Williamsburg now!  Opened up in March, they hold events & teach you >
  • Almost summer... almost summer

    The Summerscreen lineup is up!  Instead of at the McCarren Pool, the movies will be screened at the McCarren park ballfields.  And remember, no drinking in the park.  or spitting.  or picking flowers.     >
  • Public space & bikes!

    Williamsburg Walks 2009 has a Request for Proposals for art shade structures.  Great exposure, potential collaborators and building costs covered.  FInal choices will be made May 25th, so get your proposals in! Got plans May 16th?  Protest our lack of >
  • Kent Ave bike lane...

    So, what's really going on with the Kent Ave bike lane? A few weeks ago there were rumors that the bike lanes would be removed completely!  Streetsblog's coverage to the recent article in the Brooklyn Paper clarifies that the DOT >
  • Third Ward is handing out bikes!

    WIth a membership to Third Ward, to celebrate Bike Month, you can get a free customed designed bike! There was a super awesome good time on Sunday at their Green Bikes Birthday Block Party, even with the drizzle.     >
  • Fundraising concert for NAG tonight

    If you've got $5 and some time, head over to Union Pool tonight to support NAG's Listening Project.***Tuesday April 28*** North Brooklyn Story Project Concert Fundraiser To support our North Brooklyn Story Project, an effort by our volunteer organizers to >
  • MTA uses Twitter!

    Woah. http://twitter.com/nyc_mta Okay, so Metro tells us it's not really the MTA.  But!  The L train is talking about having a blog.  Talking trains, man.       >
  • Williamsburg Walks 2009!

    We are pleased to announce that NAG & L Magazine are partnering this year to put on Williamsburg Walks.  We are thrilled that they are taking over the reins.  In order to make Williamsburg Walks even better than last year, >
  • New CSA in Williamsburg!

    It's getting lighter outside & we can all feel spring coming.  Our thoughts turn immediatedly to produce.  Pleased to announce that there is now a new Williamsburg based CSA!  And, surprisingly, there are still spots available! Here's the official word: >
  • Williamsburg Walks awarded a Streetsie Award!

    Streetsblog has bestowed Billburg's Williamsburg Walks with a 2008 Streetsie Award! Best Local Livable Streets Project: Despite a couple of rainy weekends, Williamsburg Walks on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn was outstanding. Read about all the 2008 Streetsie Awards here.   >
  • New program to prevent sexual violence in Williamsburg

    Sexual violence exists everywhere. On November 24 a rape occurred in Williamsburg - we know this community is not immune. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 4 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape >
  • Get involved with your community!

    From the NAG BLOG: Old and new residents in Williamsburg and Greenpoint have more in common than separates us. We all care about improving our quality of life, keeping our neighborhood affordable, being able to get around our neighborhood safely >
  • East River State Park proposed winter closing challenged

    New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) has proposed closing the East River State Park, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for three months. The Friends of the East River State Park, Inc. today announced that >
  • Town Hall meeting on Monday!

    Councilman David Yassky and State Senator-elect Daniel Squadron are hosting a Transportation focused Town Hall Meeting on Monday.    Date: Monday, 24 November Time: 6:00 pm Location: Swinging Sixties Senior Center 211 Ainslie Street, corner Manhattan Avenue (Graham Avenue L >
  • Vote Tuesday!

    Don't forget to vote Tuesday!  Find your voting location:  http://gis.nyc.gov/vote/ps/index.htm Check out our upcoming events for tonight's parties for watching the returns!  Read the forum for any discussions about the area's polling places. >
  • Halloween is coming up!!

    With Halloween coming up, there's a slew of events and community affairs happening in Williamsburg.  Post yours on the billburg calendar: http://www.billburg.com/events/   ESPAÑA/STREB TRAPEZE ACADEMY announces "Demons are a Ghouls Best Friend" -- a circus benefit performance in support >
  • Compost Fundraising Event!

    This looks super awesome. Please join us for a composting fundraiser event. Learn how to lower your urban-eco footprint, meet other folks in the community interested in composting, join our raffle to win prizes, bid on items for the silent >
  • Get involved & your voice will be heard!

    NAG (Neighbors Allied for Good Growth), a community organizing group in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is having a Town Hall Meeting on 10/2 to mobilize the community on the most important issues we are facing. As you can imagine, attendance is >
  • Billburg's Big Win in the 2008 WebAwards

    Yesterday, the Web Marketing Association announced its 2008 WebAwards winners -- and Billburg took home the top prize for Best Regional Website! Thanks to everyone who has helped make Billburg such a success! >
  • Polska-Masarnia Czeslawa Quality Meat Market Closing?

    Reports are coming from Lost City that the Polska-Masarnia Czeslawa Quality Meat Market on Bedford Ave. may have closed.  The gates are down and the interior looks stripped -- anyone know what's going on?  You can read more about the >
  • NY Times Covers McCarren Park Pool

    Check out the The New York Times' Coverage of the McCarren Park concert phenomenon here.  >
  • Volunteer Orientation!

    For those interested in volunteering during any of the 4 Williamsburg Walks Saturdays in any capacity: Teresa Toro (Community Board #1 Transportation Chair) will be leading us in a presentation on the benefits of pedestrian streets followed by a quick >
  • Donuts.

    The guy who started Vimeo is about to start selling donuts, according to Eater, just because he wants to eat more donuts. I'm not financially driven, rather I'd be content with a break-even business -- I want donuts to be >
  • Art.

    Even though BushwickBK didn't care too much for the Bushwick Open Studios (sarcasm),  they've got posted a blogroll of other posts on BOS. Read about it  here. >
  • Stabbing on Driggs

    The Gothamist has posted again today on the rumor of the series of stabbings in the Williamsburg area.  The suspect was said to be in his 20s or 30s (a little late for gang initiation?) and word is that a >
  • "Next he did a Google search for 'what to do if you get locked in a bar.'”

    This New York Times article really speaks for itself, but below, an excerpt from the harrowing story of Kyle Hausmann, the 24-year-old Harvard graduate who managed to get himself snockered and locked in Williamsburg's Trophy Bar.  "The lights are off >
  • Wiimbledon Update

    We just got an update from Lane over at wiimbledon.net that wiibledon will actually be held on JUNE 7, not July 7th as previously reported.  Registration is/was happening yesterday, today (June 2nd) and tomorrow, which means there are only 40 >
  • Swashbuckling Kickballer Arrested in Macy's

    More Brooklyn Kickball League drama, this time thanks to a member of Los Piratas Mechanicos (the Robot Pirates).  From Gawker: A rabble-rousing kickball player for a recreational team called the Pirates was busted yesterday for brandishing a swashbuckler's sword in >
  • Growing population leads to...

    The school district isn't prepared for growth in the Williamsburg/ Greenpoint/ Bushwick area.  More here. >
  • Abduction foiled

    A 4 year old was almost abducted in Williamsburg on Wednesday afternoon. More info here. >

    Billburg is excited and proud to announce Wiimbledon 2008 taking place at Barcade on July 7th, 2008.  This is the second annual wiimbledon event in williamsburg and while I haven't been there myself, I have it from very reliable sources >
  • Less $ for CB1

    Community Board #1 is facing budget cuts for FY2009, as many throughout Brooklyn are as well. More here.   >
  • Development alert: 110 Green Street

    Magic Johnson is an investor in some new development in Greenpoint.  The name:  Viridan. More here [Curbed] >
  • Clowns & Records

    I've never personally seen the clowns in front of Earwax, but the Gothamist sez: Back in January video emerged of an enthusiastic street performer, Matthew Silver, dancing in front of Earwax record store on Bedford Avenue. It seems that a >
  • McCarren Park Kite Festival Recap

    Anyone interested in viewing the McCarren Park Kite Festival recap should head over to flickr and check out this photo set, courtesy of newyorkshitty.com's Miss Heather.  >
  • Penny Licks Opens on Bedford Ave.

    From Gowanus Lounge: Penny Licks on Bedford Avenue has opened in Williamsburg and the little shop, which aims to recreate an old-time ice cream and candy store, is loaded with vegan and organic treats. To read more about Penny Licks' >
  • Luna Lounge Shuttered by DOH

    In the latest edition of their DOH Chronicles, Eater.com investigates the recent shuttering of Luna Lounge: A tipster sends word and the Dept. of Health confirms: one of the biggest music venues in Williamsburg, Luna Lounge, was shuttered on Friday >
  • Broadway Greenway?

    From Curbed: Last week, a post about a traffic light getting mowed down at Broadway and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg drew an e-mail from another reader who noted that work is underway to add bike lanes and medians to the >
  • "New" businesses on North 7th

    The Beehive is moving to North 7th from Lorimer & Grand.  East Villiage bar d.b.a. will be their neighbor. More here. >
  • New bank in Williamsburg

    Capitol One Bank going in at Metropolitan and Marcy.  Signs are up, but construction hasn't yet begun. More here. >
  • New waterfront development

    Across the street from 475 Kent and next door to Schaefer Landing, a new waterfront development is in the land use review process.  As for Rose Plaza, the developers are looking for the same zoning as Schaefer Landing, which has >
  • Tractor-trailer accident Sunday night

    Sunday night, on Kent Avenue near Williamsburg Street, a car with a family of seven inside which was pinned underneath a tractor-trailer. More here.   >
  • The Real World to interact with the REAL WORLD

    Gothamist forecasts that the Real World 21st season will drop its "house" on Williamsburg.  You're dying to know more...read it here. >
  • Galapagos' New Space Comes Complete with Lake

    From The Brooklyn Paper: Galapagos Art Space, the Williamsburg institution that is preparing to re-open in a newly renovated space at 16 Main St. in DUMBO, will feature a lake outfitted with walkways and tables, allowing club goers to lounge >
  • Brooklyn Critical Mass: Tonight

    Calling all biking Billburgers:  Brooklyn Critical Mass will start tonight at 7pm at Grand Army Plaza. From Time's Up!: Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and other nonpolluting means of transportation, exercising our right to the road.  Critical >
  • Williamsburg Windmill?

    Apparently some Billburgers are harnessing the power of wind! From Curbed: So, this appears to be a wind power device to catch some of the gusts coming off the East River at the foot of Grand Street in Williamsburg, which >
  • Upcoming Community Board 1 Meeting

    Brooklyn Community Board 1 (serving Greenpoint and Williamsburg) will meet at 6:30pm on Tuesday, May 13 at the Swinging Sixties Senior Center (located at 211 Ainslie Street).  >
  • Greenpoint Oil Spill Subway Protest

    From Gothamist: The presence of oil in parts of Greenpoint is well documented, but it looks like someone wants the oil to be cleaned up. This morning there was artwork in the Queens-bound Nassau Avenue G stop asking for a >
  • Neighborhood businesses blogroll

    Opening Vegan Bakery  [BushwickBK]   DoH closing Gimme! Coffee  [Racked]   Recently reviewed Sachis [Gowanus] >
  • Impacting community "events"

    Upcoming: Film shoot in Greenpoint 5am - 11pm on Franklin Street on 4/30/08.  No parking.  [Gowanus Lounge]   Community Board #1 meeting Transportation Committee Meeting 4/30 6:30PM @  435 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11211 (Corner of Frost Street)   >
  • Development Blogroll

    The eye on Williamsburg shows us the following "developments": 40 & 44 Berry Plans designed by Perkins Eastman include 220 new apartments, indoor pool, 7 floors, at least 8 retail spaces on ground level. [Curbed] 85 North 3rd Street/The Mill Building >
  • Another fire!

    Not quite Williamsburg, but of Williamsburg interest, in nearby Queens the House of Yes had a fire this weekend.  Culprit:  Toaster.  Accomplice: five foot paper puppet goblin head.  Up in flames. Brooklyn Vegan heard about it & did all the leg >
  • WIlliamsburg & DOB stop orders

    To illustrate how stop work orders can impact Williamsburg (of which DOB Commish Lancaster had handed out 10,000 partial or full Stop Work Orders last year), we'd like to point to the Curbed report of construction resuming at  Urban Green >
  • DOB Commish Resigns

    This is bigger than Williamsburg, but it will impact us here with development decisions.  The Dept of Buildings Commissioner, Patricia Lancaster, has resigned after a 6 year tenure. There's quite the buzz in the blogsphere. Read what Curbed has to >
  • Zebulon closed for repairs

    Sunday night an electrical fire damaged a portion of Zebulon, located on 258 Wythe Ave between Metropolitan Ave. and N. 3rd St.  They are hoping to reopen by May 1st.  Extent of the damages is yet unknown.      >
  • Plans for Domino Sugar Factory

    Dept of Buildings recently disapproved a new filing for the Domino Sugar Factory plans. According to Brownstowner: Previous reports about the developer's plans for the structure have not included mention of a hotel, but a CPC filing that the DOB >
  • Heard there was a protest.

    Activists held a protest of Exxon's financial involvement in McCarren Parks' Earth Day yesterday.  The organizers of the event weren't too happy. Read more here.   >
  • Forklift out of control!!

    Around 2am one night last week, members of the Williamsburg Shomrim (that's volunteer Jewish civilian patrols)  noticed a suspicious forklift during a routine patrol. WSPU units proceeded to follow the forklift which soon started driving very aggressively, and then started >
  • New owner for Galapagos space

    Southpaw owner Matthew Roff has plans to sign a lease on the Galapagos space.  Galapagos is relocating to DUMBO, sometime. The name: Natural Selection. "We're all fans of Darwin, obviously," says Roff, who will partner with the owners of popular >
  • Renovations & health violations

    Kellogg's Diner is closed for renovations.  They've also closed for DOH reasons.  Do you wonder what type of pheonix will rise from the ashes? So as the sticker here indicates, Kellogg's was shut down on 9 April with 77 violation >
  • Rooftop garden at Studio B may be stalled

    It appears that the plans for the rooftop garden at Studio B isn't approved by the Department of Buildings.  New York Shitty had this to say: Plans were filed March 31 of this year. They were disapproved.  Plans to change >
  • S 1st development update

    TreeTop Development is selling & stopping.  Here's the current scoop: Whether things have been going well for TreeTop Development in Williamsburg, we suppose, depends on one's point of view. The company did get $7.95 million from Dermott Company for its >
  • PUSH FOR PARKS! 4/17

    Do you hear about all these plans for more greenspaces in Williamsburg and want to know more about it?  Here's your first stop in becoming informed and possibly involved.  Go to the PUSH FOR PARKS meeting sponsered by GWAPP. Find >
  • Greenpoint's Transmitter Park plans

    Groundbreaking for the new park is planned for 2009 with a pricetag of 10 - 12 million dollars.  It is expected to take 1.5 years to build it all, complete with pier & bird gardens. Read more about the meeting >
  • Building Bburg's first cinema house

    There's progress again at 136 Metropolitan Avenue! Curbed breaks it down this way: There had been a Stop Work Order for several months at the site of the Metropolitan Cinema & Apartments, the Burg's someday-to-be indie film palace with condos >
  • Bikes in the Greenway!

    Doesn't everyone in Williamsburg love bikes?  Thankfully, so does Community Board 1, at least by looking at the recent 39 - 2 vote that places a bike lane instead of parking spots. According to Streetsblog Two other community boards had >
  • Hipsters buying homes

    Seriously, there's this event at Union Pool every month that's free (but RSVP required) on teaching the "creative class" the finer points of buying a home.  The Brooklyn Paper quotes the event host: "There is so much information people just >
  • Glass bottles on beaches!

    On Friday, April 18, 10:00 AM at the Committee Room in City hall, the City Council's Parks & Recreations subcommittee have on the floor a Local Law to amend the administrative code of the City of New York in relation >
  • Second Chance to Talk "G"

    From Gowanus Lounge: In case you care about the G Train and didn't make it to last week's City Council Meeting, here's another chance to speak your mind. New York City Transit President Howard Roberts will be appearing at a >
  • Have You Seen Roscoe?

    From Gowanus Lounge: We see dozens of fliers posted every week for lost pets all over Brooklyn and they always sadden us--both for the people that have lost a friend and the creature that has been lost or (in some >
  • Development Stopped in Its Tracks on Grand Street

    From Gowanus Lounge: We hadn't checked on the site of the Karl Fischer "Monster Tower" at Grand Street and Driggs Avenue, which had been the scene of an earlier demolish & dig frenzy as the controversial neighborhood downzoning was being >
  • New Yorkers' Wallets to Get Water Boarded

    From Gothamist:  New York water consumers (i.e. everyone) are about to take a bath once the City's Water Board follows through with its recommendation to raise rates by 14.5%, which it was scheduled to propose Friday. The rate hike proposal >
  • "475 Kent Lives"

    The displaced residents of 475 Kent Ave. have a new show at the Queens Museum of Art.  New show at the Queens Museum of Art from the residents of 475 Kent.  About three months the residents of 475 Kent were >
  • New building activity on Bedford & Broadway

    More building activity on Bedford and Broadway A long stalled building for the corner of Bedford Avenue and Broadway, south of the Williamsburg Bridge, appears to be getting underway. The first application for the building was filed in 20002 and >
  • Gold Twinkees now available in Greenpoint

    They used to be called Tweenkees, but Brooklynite and organic culinary creator Sarah Magid has changed the name to: The Goldies. Magid tells us they're made from "organic dark chocolate sponge cake filled with organic vanillla or espresso whipped buttercream, >
  • Less cockroaches in the city?

    The city Health Department is reporting progress in the war on the pests. A department study found nearly 30% of all city households report having cockroaches, but the agency noted the problem is concentrated in low-income neighborhoods. In the past, >
  • TransGas Victory Party This Weekend

    Those who follow news of the Williamsburg waterfront will know that the big proposed TransGas power plant on the Bushwick Inlet was dealt a fairly decisive blow in Albany a couple of weeks ago. (TransGas will likely appeal, but has >
  • Bushwick Inlet Park renderings

    Gowanus Lounge and Curbed have published renderings of the planned Bushwick Inlet Park on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint waterfront, which the Parks Dept. says it's going to start working on this fall. The drawings are for the first phase of the project, >
  • Grand Ferry Park will reopen late April

    Weather permitting, one of our favorite Northside Williamsburg haunts - Grand Ferry Park - will reopen in late April, according to the NYC Parks Department. The tiny waterfront park at the foot of Grand Street on the East River has >
  • New views of 66 N 1st Street

    This is 66 N. 1 Street in Williamsburg, a renovation with growth on top designed by Robert Scarano. It's across the street from the townhouse part of 80 Metropolitan. The building has been named Factory Lofts and the first listings >
  • 143 Huron Street

    The recent crop of condos in Greenpoint is starting to bloom and one of the more interesting ones is 143 Huron Street, which manages to cut quite a profile. New York Shitty writes of the intended effect: "If I had >
  • Guilty verdict in murder trial

    A Brooklyn jury on Monday returned a guilty verdict in the trial of a 23-year-old man facing murder charges for the shooting death of an acquaintance last February in the East Williamsburg section of the borough. Read more here.   >
  • Plans for Waterfront Parks

    There was much progress in Williamsburg last night on two major waterfront plans, that for the big Bushwick Inlet Park and for the Greenpoint-Williamsburg portion of the Brooklyn Greenway. Community Board 1 voted in favor of the Greenway in a >
  • NYPD Commissioner Visits Satmar Rebbe

    This past Thursday afternoon, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly made a personal visit to the Satmar Rebbe from Williamsburg, Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Shlita to wish the Rebbe and all Satmar Chassidim a safe and secure Yom Tov of Pesach. The >
  • Pedestrian struck by car

    Pedestrian Struck in Williamsburg April 9, 2008 1:25PM EST: Williamsburg Hatzolah is on the scene of a pedestrian struck by an auto in front of 157 Wallabout Avenue (near Lee Avenue). Unknown extent of injuries. Source here. >
  • Happier hours @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

    Starting April 8th, The Music Hall of Williamsburg will be open for happy hour.  From 6pm until the opening band starts all well drinks and draft beer will be $3. It says so on their website! >
  • Studio B is opening a rooftop garden!

    It's true. Studio B is opening a rooftop garden on May 2, just in time for Spring! To celebrate the event we're planning a blow-out, throw-down featuring Brazilian Girls, Spank Rock, The Rub, DJ Roxy Cottontail and more tba! Tickets >
  • Greenway approved by Community Board!

    Last night, Community Board 1 voted to approve the Brooklyn Greenway through Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The plan promises a walking and bike path on or near the waterfront. More details to follow. Gowanus Lounge tells us so.   >
  • More foreclosure info - maps!

    The website HotPads is producing foreclosure heat maps, such as the one for Brooklyn at this link. The data for the maps comes from RealtyTrac, which collects info on foreclosure filings. No big surprises: The site's NYC map show that >
  • Panel discussion about the Williamsburg Waterfront

    The Skyscraper Museum is presenting a panel discussion about the Williamsburg Waterfront on April 22. It will include Shaun Donovan, Commissioner, NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development; Stephen B. Jacobs, President, The Stephen B. Jacobs Group; Dan Kaplan, Senior >
  • Williamsburg's rate of graffiti highest in borough

    No longer called the "war on graffiti," but now Mayor Bloomberg's Graffiti-Free NYC removal program through the Economic Development Corporation, a fleet of trucks responds seven days and four nights a week to graffiti complaint reports filed with community boards >
  • Urban winemakers have a presence in Williamsburg & Greenpoint

    Allie Shaper started out working at Rivendell, and then struck out on her own in 2005 with Brooklyn Oenology, headquartered in an old warehouse in Greenpoint. Last year, Shaper founded the quixotic-sounding Urban Winery Alliance, a fledgling group that she >
  • The City Council & the G train

    Brooklyn officials and activists told horror stories and demanded better service on the much-maligned "G" train, while the MTA, in effect, pleaded poverty based on today's economic situation. That was basically the scenario at the City Council Chambers Tuesday at >
  • That building on S1st has a name!

    The building we have called the Finger of S. 1 Street in Williamsburg, has gotten a name: It's the Soleil! (Which reminds us in an odd way of a different Burg finger, the Luminous.) The grand opening of 275 S. >
  • Block Review of S 8th between Berry & Wythe

    5 reasons to live, visit or stay away from here 1 It's quiet. That's why software developer Rob King, 32, moved here. "I wanted out of Manhattan," he said. "There are bars on Fourth Street." 2 It's getting expensive. "Now, >
  • Employment rates in NYC up 1.3 %

    New Yorkers are so far weathering the country's economic problems better than folks in most other regions, new government job statistics show. Employment in the city is up 1.3 percent in the last year, more than twice the national rate >
  • Tenant Harassment in Bushwick

    Kennedy Rivera's work is to ensure that he and other tenants on modest incomes can stay living in the neighborhood of "East Williamsburg". He is a housing specialist with Bushwick Housing Independence, a nonprofit group that by its own account >
  • (Potential) use of eminent domain in Williamsburg

    Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) has introduced a bill that would allow the state to take Pfizer's plant in Williamsburg by eminent domain in order to develop affordable housing on the site. Currently, Pfizer plans to shut down the plant and >
  • Foreclosure rates up all over NYC

    New foreclosures soared in New York City in the first quarter, increasing 51 percent compared to the fourth quarter of last year and 65 percent over last year's first quarter, according to a PropertyShark.com report. Queens especially saw "substantial activity," >
  • Congestion pricing for Manhattan down the tube

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's far-reaching plan to ease traffic in Manhattan died here on Monday in a closed conference room on the third floor of the Capitol. Democratic members of the State Assembly held one final meeting to debate the >
  • The construction at 66 N 1st

    A sneak-peek at 66 North 1st St. in Williamsburg, a 21-unit factory restoration with a Robert Scarano-designed addition (which our friends at Gowanus Lounge have been following), is expected to make its full public debut this week. Read more about >
  • Potential lawsuits for the city?

    A group of Williamsburg developers and homeowners say they will sue the city over last week's decision to downzone their properties, which the developers claim will cost them millions in lost revenue that they expected to make from new developments. >
  • No Grand High-rises

    City Council voted last week to downzone a 13-block area along Grand St between Berry St and Marcy Ave and some surrounding streets halting several projects, some already under construction. Downzoning supporters are in favor of preserving the low-rise character >
  • Tractor-Trailer Hits Williamsburg Building

    Yikes: A tractor-trailer crashed into a building at Kent and N. 11th Street in Brooklyn this morning. No injuries have been reported, but the building has been evacuated (there are apartments on the second floor) and the Buildings Department has >
  • Unfare! MTA rejects better service

    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority played straphangers for the fool, canceling $30 million in subway and bus improvements that were promised in the wake of the fare increase - an abrupt turnaround from promises made by the agency just this month. >
  • Car Free Bedford Avenue

    You may have seen it on NY1, there has been talk about a car-free Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. The organizer, Emil Kozarowski, has created a website that provides information on this idea along with an online petition that visitors can >
  • Soot and Fire - Williamsburg's Environmental Legacy

    by Bruce Hall Mary Ziegler calls it a "choke collar" tightening around Williamsburg and to get an idea of what she means take a walk down to the waterfront as I did on the last Sunday afternoon of the summer. >
  • Our Neighborhood -- Their Target!

    by Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Task Force WHAT'S AT STAKE? In the spring of 2001, TransGas Energy Systems, L.L.C. (TGE) began steps to construct an 1100-megawatt power plant, the largest of its kind in New York City, on the nine-acre site between >
  • The Case of the Brooklyn Crackhouse

    There's a problem is Brooklyn. I am not an unsympathetic sort, but I have many accumulated reasons to be writing. I know there are many woes in the world at the moment and this is minor among those, but I >
  • In 2002 Housing Will Still Be The Issue

    by Susan Kosor When I showed up to see what had been advertised on Bedford Avenue as an $800 studio, I found myself in the spare room of a rather disheveled two-bedroom apartment. There was no kitchen sink and no >
  • NISA Generating Barge Update

    by Deborah Masters We've had some bad news today. The Judge dismissed our Summary Judgment - when we filed our lawsuit against DEC and the NISA Electric Barge, their lawyers filed a Summary Judgment against us- based on the idea >
  • A Second Chance for Vision

    by Cynthia Coxphoto by Sean Hammerle The sentinel elders are gone now. The Maspeth holder tanks are down, lying peacefully like two slain giants after a fierce battle. With magisterial grace and dignity, it seemed like they gently knelt down, >
  • Caffeinated Outrage

    by Richard Bainbridge Once again, Williamsburg has gotten all worked-up over false rumors about Starbuck’s opening in the neighborhood. Here we examine the making of an urban legend and ask the question: What’s so bad about Starbuck’s, anyway? If you >
  • NBAC Sponsors Dialogue for New Residents

    by Dave Baldwin For many, the prospect of moving to Brooklyn means affordable rents, loft space and a thriving artist community. Being attacked, solicited for prostitution, and racially harassed isn’t supposed to be part of the deal. But as more >
  • The Annual Dance

    by Grant Moser I remember when I saw the banners appear across Havemeyer St. The tower sat in the street by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, waiting for the festivities to begin. Food carts and carnival games began setting up >
  • Parking in Williamsburg

    by Lindsay Hansen If you live in Williamsburg and own a car, prepare for a big hassle. The City of New York has many parking regulations and an endless supply of officers ready to enforce them. In my first two >
  • Something Strange In Your Neighborhood: Emandee Analog Studio Is All Heart

    by James Jackson Toth Emandee Studios, an affordable analog recording studio on Berry Street in Williamsburg, has a bit of a ghost problem. Owned and operated by three-year Williamsburg resident Mark Ospovat, Emandee is more comfortable than your average recording >
  • Sweet Up(s) on Graham Avenue

    by by William Powhida Benjamin Shih spent twelve year tending bars all over the world from LA to London. After helping others open bars, Benjamin decided it was time to open his own. He jumped on the space at 277 >
  • Band of Outsiders: Williamsburg's Renegade Artists

    by Jeanne Storck Before the factories of Williamsburg became painter's lofts, before the working class diners were converted into stylish eateries, Williamsburg was a community of laborers and immigrants where artists were the exception rather than the norm. Artists who >
  • Tattoo You

    by Grant Moserphotos by Joel Dietz The art of tattooing is ancient; it was practiced in Egypt as far back as 2000 BC. The word tattoo is Polynesian in origin, and was introduced into the English language by European sailors >
  • Greenpoint

    by Kathleen Wereszynski Greenpoint, Williamsburg’s sleepy little sister to the north, is waking up. But the Point’s vibe is decidedly more laid-back than its better-known neighbor. Perhaps because its out-of-the-way locale keeps Manhattan’s curious at bay. Or maybe it’s because >
  • Williamsburg Nightlife

    by Sarah Sundberg Once Upon a Time, a night out in Williamsburg meant you had a miserably small amount of choices in the bar department. Then there was Galapagos, the Diner and a handful of other places. Now we’re so >
  • A reader's response to the Electroclash Festival

    by Ben Beshaw The labeling of an artistic movement or of a musical sound almost always brings about its downfall. There are way too many historical references to site so I'm not going to start, but I do intend to >
  • Williamsburg Under Glass

    by Grant Moser According to Encarta, glassblowing originated in the Middle East along the Phoenician Coast in the 1st century B.C. The process of actually making glass had occurred in the Middle East as well, but dates to the 3rd >
  • The Brooklyn Fish House

    by Lillie Jayne With the dense summer heat pressing you into submission as you wait for the delinquent subway or sweat your way along the unforgiving concrete, as exhaust and debris create a fine coat of grime on your drenched >
  • The Tao of Williamsburg

    by Richard Bainbridge Whether you want blissful yoga, trance-inducing tai chi, some kick ass kung fu, a dreamy shiatsu massage, or even just a little feng shui to balance your life, we’ve got it all. Richard Baimbridge spent two weeks >
  • A Showdown in Brooklyn

    by Paul Kermizian When you think of bowling in New York City, you probably decide your choices are limited to Bowlmor, Chelsea Piers, and "that sketchy place in the basement of Port Authority". For Manhattanites, this is true. Bowlmor is >
  • La Jean Beauty Parlor

    by Fran Pado The finer shades of glamour are often absent from today's cool unisex hair salons. Predictable dance music, $100 aromatherapy cuts, and stylists who act like rock stars tire and confuse me. Not that these cut-o-ramas aren't exciting; >
  • Baby in the Burg

    by Michelle Stewart One day I was sitting on my tuckus feeling sorry for myself because I wanted to go out and do something fun for me for a change, and I felt like my mommy-hood was interfering with my >
  • From Russia With Love - The story of Brooklyn's most beautiful cathedral

    by Meghan SutherlandPhotos by Jason Kempin Williamsburg is filled with buildings that seem out of place, empty, or just plain interesting. When I walk by them I always wonder who goes in there? What do they do in there? Can >
  • A Conversation with Reverend Vince Anderson

    by Mindy Tucker It is a simple sport: to laugh at the sincere. The stance of a skeptic can be as comfortable a posture as the blessed assurance a Christian avows after salvation. To laugh at the earnest is the >
  • The Boys and Animals of Williamsburg Calendar.

    by Mindy TuckerPhotos by Rose Callahan In a project for the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, Rose Callahan, a photographer, and Karen Heimann, a graphic designer, have put together a portfolio featuring Williamsburg's finest artists, performers, and men about town. Included >
  • Free Bird

    by Ethan Pettit My family has a traditional Thanksgiving joke called pass the second joint." That's the joke. You say "pass the second joint," and everyone laughs. The second joint was my grandfather's favorite part of the turkey, and he >
  • An Emotional Night in the life of Mary, Handsome Spanky, and Williamsburg.

    by Razor Blade Shoe That night Mary was going out to see what was going on in Williamsburg where she lives. At first she was stunned, surfing the internet and getting emotionally caught in the dramatic noodles somewhere between a >
  • Kool Man

    by Rob Cummings Jose Badillo sits outside the Kool Man garage on Grand Street in Brooklyn, eating a ham sandwich and drinking a diet Pepsi at 10 on a Friday morning. Between bites, Badillo stares at the sky. It's one >
  • Graffiti Grows Up and Out

    by Robert CummingsGraffiti is not dead; it's just gone legit.The Metropolitan Transit Authority has nearly eradicated graffiti underground, but the wild, spray-paint characters that once decorated this city's subway trains have begun to surface in movies, murals, mainstream advertising and >
  • Early Political History

    An independent village was established in 1664. Williamsburg remained a small farming community until the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825. Kings County, including Williamsburg, had the highest number of slaves per capita in New York until the abolition >
  • Later Political History

    State Senator Patrick McCarren began introducing bills for the construction of a bridge to Manhattan in 1884. When local civic leaders organized in 1895, the bridge proposal finally went through and the Williamsburg Bridge opened in 1903. The opening of >
  • economics/demographics

    Williamsburg (spelled "Williamsburgh" at the time) became an independent city at just the moment when the New York area was set to become the most important port and financial center in the Western Hemisphere, just after the opening of the >
  • ethnic diversity

    No one ethnicity has ever dominated Williamsburg as a whole. Norwegians, French Huguenots, Italians, Swedes and one free African family were among the original 23 families of Het Strand on the East River. Today the census says Williamsburg is 49% >
  • historical timeline

    1638 The Keskaechquerem, or Canarsie, Indians of the Algonquin language family sell a swampy bog called Cripplebush (today Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg) to the Dutch West India Company. 1650s Unregulated squatting by farmers from Norway, France, Italy, Sweden, and both >
  • famous people

    Ascenzi family Ascenzi square is at Metropolitan and North 4th Street, named for the Ascenzi family that lived at 262 North 6th Street. Four sons fought and two sons died in World War I. Bedford One theory suggests the name >


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