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Summer! Summer!

billburg / Aug 31, 2009 02:45pm / The internets

It has been an interesting summer, hasn't it?

First and foremost, moment of silence for Carlos Alverez.  We'll all miss you.


Happened to make it out to Brooklyn Kitchen's Kikuichi Cutlery demo -- sneak peek preview of their new space!!  The space is going to be pretty amazing.  Plans for more workshops and cooking classes, 2 full kitchens and dry goods available.  The location on Skillman & Lorimer isn't going anywhere.

There's an older establishment over near the Grand Ave L stop which I recently had an amazing experience at.  I stopped into Metro Photo & Camera Exchange last week on a whim.  Total hidden gem.  Also, the best for passport photos. I had just gotten a terrible passport photo around the corner, so I decided to try once more. The place always has signs outside for 50% off sales & I wasn't quite sure what I'd find inside. The woman working was very friendly. The light kit was set up with nice 3 point lighting for an even flattering color. It was quick & the pic looked great.


Some reblogging of interest:

Planet Thailand closed.

Illegal gym on 117 South 3 Street.

Rezoning for the "Broadway Triangle".  I'm not all that versed on the implications of this.

Completely neglected to mention the Fourth of July fire at Rosenwach Wood Tanks.  No further update.


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