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It's Halloween time!

billburg / Oct 21, 2010 04:23pm

The streets of Williamsburg will soon be filled with costumed strangers (stranger and more costumed than usual).  Of course this is a time to turn back and consider history... history of the neighborhood through ghost stories and hauntings!   

There are rumours that McCarren Pool is haunted by a young girl!  (Most sightings were between the 50s - early 90s.)  Plenty of fatalities were reported in the pool during its tenure.  Opened in 1932, it could hold up to 6800 swimmers (alive)!  The McCarren pool closed in 1984.  A paranormal team has even researched the pool!

If anyone has any haunted stories in the area to share, please leave a comment!  

For a little more participatory activities, but still creepy...

A little less spooky connection is that the creators of Haunted House, Nightmare, live in Greenpoint!  We stopped by last week to check it out.  One of the biggest "nightmares" was the wait in line to get in.  Bring a book of ghost stories to read! (Another Tip: check out their promotions online & twitter feed for potential ticket discounts.)

The kids' Halloween parade in Williamsburg will be from 2 - 6pm on Sunday.  

If anyone knows of any other community holiday events, please leave a comment or shoot an email over to editorial (at) billburg (dot) com.


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