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  • Random blog roll

    Zombie crawl this Sunday, starting at the Charleston at 2pm! Spuyten Duyvil just opened up a gorgeous backyard for lounging & drinking. Time's Up has a space in Williamsburg now!  Opened up in March, they hold events & teach you >
  • Almost summer... almost summer

    The Summerscreen lineup is up!  Instead of at the McCarren Pool, the movies will be screened at the McCarren park ballfields.  And remember, no drinking in the park.  or spitting.  or picking flowers.     >
  • Public space & bikes!

    Williamsburg Walks 2009 has a Request for Proposals for art shade structures.  Great exposure, potential collaborators and building costs covered.  FInal choices will be made May 25th, so get your proposals in! Got plans May 16th?  Protest our lack of >
  • Kent Ave bike lane...

    So, what's really going on with the Kent Ave bike lane? A few weeks ago there were rumors that the bike lanes would be removed completely!  Streetsblog's coverage to the recent article in the Brooklyn Paper clarifies that the DOT >
  • Third Ward is handing out bikes!

    WIth a membership to Third Ward, to celebrate Bike Month, you can get a free customed designed bike! There was a super awesome good time on Sunday at their Green Bikes Birthday Block Party, even with the drizzle.     >


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