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  • Car Free Bedford Avenue

    You may have seen it on NY1, there has been talk about a car-free Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. The organizer, Emil Kozarowski, has created a website that provides information on this idea along with an online petition that visitors can sign if they are interested.

    by Emil Kozarowski

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  • Soot and Fire - Williamsburg's Environmental Legacy

    by Bruce Hall

    Mary Ziegler calls it a "choke collar" tightening around Williamsburg and to get an idea of what she means take a walk down to the waterfront as I did on the last Sunday afternoon of the summer.

    Down at the west end of Grand Street, a group of Hispanic kids play on the narrow, half-acre >

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  • Our Neighborhood -- Their Target!

    by Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Task Force


    In the spring of 2001, TransGas Energy Systems, L.L.C. (TGE) began steps to construct an 1100-megawatt power plant, the largest of its kind in New York City, on the nine-acre site between North 12th and North 14th Streets, from Kent Avenue to the East River, in the heart of Greenpoint-Williamsburg >

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  • The Case of the Brooklyn Crackhouse

    There's a problem is Brooklyn. I am not an unsympathetic sort, but I have many accumulated reasons to be writing. I know there are many woes in the world at the moment and this is minor among those, but I am taking the bull by the proverbial horns, because this is my neighborhood, I have a child and we can >

  • In 2002 Housing Will Still Be The Issue

    by Susan Kosor

    When I showed up to see what had been advertised on Bedford Avenue as an $800 studio, I found myself in the spare room of a rather disheveled two-bedroom apartment.

    There was no kitchen sink and no stove, but the dude who was renting out the place reassured me that I could do my >

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  • NISA Generating Barge Update

    by Deborah Masters

    We've had some bad news today. The Judge dismissed our Summary Judgment - when we filed our lawsuit against DEC and the NISA Electric Barge, their lawyers filed a Summary Judgment against us- based on the idea that we had missed all the statutory deadlines and therefore had no basis for bringing our lawsuit – the Judge >

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  • A Second Chance for Vision

    by Cynthia Cox
    photo by Sean Hammerle

    The sentinel elders are gone now.

    The Maspeth holder tanks are down, lying peacefully like two slain giants after a fierce battle. With magisterial grace and dignity, it seemed like they gently knelt down, realizing that their wounds were mortal, their uselessness betraying. They valiantly relinquished their steadfast watch, over a beleaguered community >

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  • Caffeinated Outrage

    by Richard Bainbridge

    Once again, Williamsburg has gotten all worked-up over false rumors about Starbuck’s opening in the neighborhood. Here we examine the making of an urban legend and ask the question: What’s so bad about Starbuck’s, anyway?

    If you happened to be walking down Bedford Avenue one recent Sunday, you might have stumbled upon an unusual outdoor >

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  • NBAC Sponsors Dialogue for New Residents

    by Dave Baldwin

    For many, the prospect of moving to Brooklyn means affordable rents, loft space and a thriving artist community. Being attacked, solicited for prostitution, and racially harassed isn’t supposed to be part of the deal. But as more young white residents settle in predominantly ethnic parts of Brooklyn, few anticipate the difficulties associated with their new >

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  • The Annual Dance

    by Grant Moser

    I remember when I saw the banners appear across Havemeyer St. The tower sat in the street by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, waiting for the festivities to begin. Food carts and carnival games began setting up and my thoughts turned to grilled sausage and pepper sandwiches. It was nearly time for the Giglio Festival.


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