Wax Carving II Class edit info

457 Grand Street Suite 1 Brooklyn 11211 (Keap and Union)
t: 718-388-2190
hours: Nov 17- Dec 19 Thursdays 6pm-9pm
Cash and Credit Cards
This is an intermediate level wax carving class which will explore in depth model making techniques . Students will create either a ring or a pendant of their own design set with either a cabochon or rough gemstone. Various carving techniques will be covered, delving deeper into design transfer, layout, carving, and build-up. Both bezel and prong styles will be addressed as well as problem solving for uniquely cut and rough gemstones. Students should provide either a round or oval shape gemstone not less than 10 mm in any direction, or can purchase from the tutors collection. Wax will be provided.


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  • Wow, if you ask me to make this type of wax ring, i am out then because i don't know how did you make it, you have shared your final picture but not told us how did you make it, i want to know the whole process, please help me there.
    paperpk / Jan 06, 2018, 11:48 AM
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