Wax Carving I, Liloveve Jewelry School edit info

457 Grand Street Brooklyn 11211 (Located on Grand between Union and Keap Sts. (L / G train to Lorimer St. / Metropolitan Ave.))
t: 718.388.2190
hours: Jan 26 - Mar 2, Wed evenings 6-9pm
Cash and Credit Cards
Jan 20th - Mar 3 (skips Feb 17th), Wednesday eve's 6 - 9 pm
$400 wax materials provided, tool list +/- $80, and optional silver casting $ tbd by weight (avg piece about $12 - 20 range)

Carving wax is a wonderful alternative to metal smithing for creating jewelry.
Rich textural surfaces and fluid, curving shapes can be created in wax material that can then be cast into a wide variety of metals to create a finished product.
This class will introduce basic wax carving techniques for creating small objects and jewelry using both hand tools and the flex shaft.
A wide range of sculptural shapes, surface texturing, and hollow forms will be explored.

Basic knowledge of the casting process will be covered. During the course, the student will have the opportunity to have cast at least one piece in metal, and learn how to finish the cast piece.
Class projects will include carving small objects such as a charm or a pendant from a wax block and ring shapes starting from tube wax.

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