The Teaching Studios of Art- Brooklyn edit info

56 Bogart St. Suite 3A Brooklyn 11206 (Bogart and Grattan)
t: 917.597.2404
hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 10pm
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We are located right on the Morgan stop on the L train in Brooklyn.

•We are committed to training artists in traditional techniques. Every class is small in size, with a great deal of individual attention paid to each student.

• We offer a full spectrum of classical training: perspective, anatomy, portraiture, figure drawing and painting. Uniquely, we also offer plein air landscape lessons on weekly basis.

• Our Drawing and Painting Program helps to form a foundation of academic drawing skills that our other classes are built on. We use plaster casts, as well as still lifes to help students learn the basics of classical draftsmanship.

•Our program is designed to be flexible. We offer daytime, evening and weekend classes. Students may mix and match as they see fit.

•We allow students to design their own curriculum on an a la carte basis.

•There are no requirements in terms of experience or ability, only a commitment to excellence.

•All of our faculty are working professionals and have established themselves as exhibiting artists.

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  • We would like to locate someone who teaches City Scape painting to possibly hire them to do a workshop at our museum.
    Thanks, Patricia House
    Patricia House / Jul 18, 2012, 05:14 PM

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