René Magritte, Dangerous Liaisons edit info

Blain|Di Donna, The Carlyle Hotel, 981 Madison Avenue Brooklyn NY 10075
t: +1 212 259 0444
hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm. 28th October 2011-1st December 2011. The Gallery will be closed on Thanksgiving Day- November 24th – and on the 25th & 26th will open at noon. (Free Admission).
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Blain|Di Donna is delighted to present as its inaugural exhibition, Dangerous Liaisons, a survey of paintings, works on paper
and objects by the Belgian Surrealist René Magritte.

Bringing together over twenty five major oils, gouaches and drawings, this is the first Magritte show of this scale to be
presented in New York in almost fifteen years, and comes at a time of renewed interest in Surrealism and its key exponents.
The exhibition’s title is derived from Magritte’s seminal early work, Les Liaisons dangereuses (1935), an enigmatic painting
thought to have been inspired by the eighteenth century French novel of the same name, in which two rival lovers deploy
sex as a weapon to humiliate others. As with many of the works in the artist’s oeuvre, it delights and disturbs in equal
measure; uncanny, poetic, playful and erotic, it underlines his unsettling ability to pull at the threads of philosophical and
psychological certainties, and in doing so eloquently sets the tone of the exhibition as a whole.


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