OPUS Jazz with the New York City Ballet edit info

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Lorimer between Driggs and Bayard Brooklyn 11211
hours: 5-8pm
Thursday, September 10, 5-8pm at McCarren Park Pool Lorimer between Driggs and Bayard

The New York City Ballet will perform an adaptation of "NY Export: Opus Jazz" by the legendary choreographer Jerome Robbins. Set to a rousing jazz score, the movements blend ballet, jazz, and ballroom dancing with Latin, African and American rhythms, to create a style that is powerfully expressive, sexy and contemporary.

Directors Henry Joost and Jody Lee Lipes are filming the "ballet in sneakers" for premier as part of Channel 13's Great Performances/Dance in America series. This is the first of Robbins' works to be adapted for the screen since West Side Story.

The event is FREE; we appreciate your donations.


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