Music and Movement class for Children edit info

Kent street, Church of the Acension Brooklyn 11222 (Franklin)
hours: Thursdays 3.30-4.15
Cash Only
Music and Movement Class - children ages 4 and up

Thursdays 3.30-4.15pm

Starting Sept 12th

This class is an introduction to the fundamental elements of music, such as rhythm, pitch, meter, and articulation, through movement, songs, games, and improvisation. The class also aims at developing confidence and self-expression through group experience. The children develop rhythmic skills and expressiveness through physically experiencing music, providing a natural pathway toward further formal music studies and a vibrant musical foundation.

The exercises used in class are inspired by the philosophy of Swiss pedagogue Emile-Jacques Dalcroze:Émile_Jaques-Dalcroze

Julia Den Boer is a pianist, she is an active performer and doctoral candidate at SUNY Stony Brook. She is on faculty at the Bloomingdale School of Music and the music director at Church of the Ascension in Brooklyn.

$35 per class

$30 registration fee, $25 for families and members of the Church of the Ascension.

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