Monkey Town presents The Promise of New York-Film Screening edit info

58 N 3rd St. Brooklyn 11211 (Kent & Wythe)
t: 718.384.1369
hours: 8pm
In the midst of Michael Bloomberg's controversial third bid for mayor, the award-winning documentary "The Promise of New York" proves to be a timely call for citizen involvement in politics. The film follows the entertaining antics of a blogger turned stand-up comic, an obsessive political gadfly and a high-school math teacher as they try to unseat billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg during the 2005 New York City mayoral election. As these ordinary citizens take politics into their own hands, The Promise of New York explores the meaning of democracy and the identity of a city with hilarious irreverence and thought-provoking sensitivity.

Q&A with director Raul Barcelona & special guests to follow screening.

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