Mechanisms: Creating in Wax and Silver edit info

457 Grand Street Suite 1 Brooklyn 11211 (Keap and Union)
t: 718-388-2190
hours: Oct 19th, Oct 26th 11am- 5:30pm
Cash and Credit Cards
In this 2-weekend workshop, learn to create a handmade piece of jewelry in 2 different mediums: wax and metal. Learn to carve a hollow locket with intricate details in wax on the first Saturday of this class. Learn to integrate additive and subractive techniques to your piece. After your piece has been cast in the metal of your choice, clean the casting up on the second Saturday of the workshop. Learn to fabricate a hinge and lock mechanism for your locket that is both secure and integrated with your piece. Work with jewelry hand tools to create mechanisms, the soldering station, and put a final finish on your piece.


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