Let it Roll edit info

174 North 11th st Brooklyn 11211 (Bedford and Driggs)
t: 7183876200
hours: Opening from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
www.fitzgerald jewelry.com
Let It Roll,

An exhibition of jewelry from the hands, minds and hearts of Sara Samoiloff, Chad Ypon and Freddie Matara. These artists blur the lines of fine metal work and fashion jewelry. All three combine traditional metal work techniques with a variety of materials such as hand tooled leather, feathers, found objects and exotic gemstones to push the boundaries of both. Coming from different practices and backgrounds these jewelers bring more than just a little rock and roll to their creations working with a similar language but arriving at different results. Sara Samoiloff works with heavy silver combining it with softer materials and working with a Rock N Roll iconography that is both traditional and new. Freddie Matara takes a more muscular approach to his hand tooled leather cuffs and belts but uses beautiful handmade silver details and found objects which takes the pieces in unexpected directions. Chad Ypon draws inspiration from his travels, hailing from the Philippines his work as a photographer has taken him around the world and he has used his travels both as an inspiration and an opportunity to collect exotic materials and stones that he combines with his exquisite hand carved jewelry pieces in silver and gold to create a warm rich jewelry experience.



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