Jewelry Workshop | Keum Book edit info

457 Grand St Brooklyn 11211 (Union + Keap)
t: 718.388.2190
hours: 11am - 5:30pm
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In the ancient Korean technique of keum-boo, pure gold foil is bonded to the surface of another pure metal, such as fine silver. This produces a rich gold color, while using very little gold. The simplicity of this technique makes it an easy, inexpensive way to add gold to your work.

In this 2-day workshop - we will learn how to bond pure gold foil to other fine metals which are called diffusion bonds. We will shape our metals into pendants and create different finishes. This is a great technique to inexpensively add gold to metals like silver, copper and iron for a beautiful mixed metal look.


Aug 20 + 21 | Sat + Sun | 11am - 5:30pm | $200

For more info or to register, please email or call 718.388.2190


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