Jewelry Class | Gold Alloying + Recycling edit info

457 Grand St Brooklyn 11211 (Union + Keap)
t: 718.388.2190
hours: Mar 17 - May 12, Thurs 6-9pm
Start with 24 Karat pure gold, weigh and alloy to custom colors of 14 to 22 karat gold - deep rich yellow to pale light green gold, to orangey-red to a delicate rose. Learn to work with the properties of the individual alloys, how to mill the ingot into wire or sheet or bezel for a gemstone setting, and create a beautiful, original piece of jewelry.

It is possible in this class to use two different colors of gold for your design - to have a contrast between green and red golds, for example, or create stacking bands that compliment the color of select gemstones.

We explore traditional Goldsmithing techniques - including how to recycle your materials, how to raise and lower the karat of a piece of gold, developing soldering techniques, and look at both ancient and modern design parameters.

We will be working with on recycling your own gold materials and mixing them with new gold.

Basic Silversmithing experience recommended. Please ask.


*This is an 8-week course

Mar 17 - May 12, no class Apr 21

Thursdays 6-9pm

For more information on this course or to register, please email or call 718.388.2190



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