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35th Avenue Phoenix, AZ Brooklyn 85009 (35th Avenue Phoenix)
t: 5673230930
hours: 24/7
Cash and Credit Cards
Welcome to Marijuana Magazine Buds. High Quality Medical cannabis oil and
top shelf marijuana for patients with illness like
cancer,pain,insomnia,anxiety,liver problem,epilepsy and more. on Sale at
negotiable prices.Cancer cannabis oil on sale at excellent rate. We have
come so that all can afford good medical marijuana and affordable prices,so
Don’t waste your time or ours. We are professional

.We don't want trouble just solid business**********
.Very professional*************8
.You will get a hook up for your first time!*****
.Free delivery within 10 miles radius**********
.Our drivers do not carry change**********
.Always on time***********
.Sales Promotion end of this month . so hit us up now and get your stuffs

first 5 customers will get 2 grams free just the first 5
Here is our top selection this week.

Girl Scout Cookies
Sour Diesel
Green crack
Grand Daddy Purple
OG Kush
Dark Ganja
Red Majic
mango kush
banana kush
Purple Haze
Orange Kush
Russian kush
Blueberry bud

text::(567) 323-0930


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