ISCP PICTURE PARLOR | 'Theoretical Practice' curated by Luigi Fassi | March 6, 7 & 8, 2009 edit info

ISCP | 1040 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn 11211 (Morgan Avenue)
t: 718 387 2900
'THEORETICAL PRACTICE' curated by Luigi Fassi
MARCH 6 - 8, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, March 6: 7-9PM
Opening Hours: Saturday, March 7: 12-8PM | Sunday, March 8: 12-6PM
Special Tour of the Exhibition with Curator and Artists:
March 7 at 6.30PM - part of the ARMORY ARTS WEEK

PARTICIPING ARTISTS: Olivier Babin (ISCP resident) | Nanna Debois Buhl | Kate Gilmore | Corin Hewitt | Elaine Kaufmann | Eva Kot’átkova (ISCP resident) Mores McWreath | Clifford Owens | Sergio Vega

Eivind Opsvik OVERSEAS
One of the boldest jazz performers in New York City, Norwegian born bassist Eivind Opsvik blends a daring variety of progressive rock, classical, ambient and electronic influences —from Neil Young and Pink Floyd to Brian Eno- with his band Overseas.

International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) is proud to present the third event in a new series of curated art showcases, the ISCP Picture Parlors. These events feature contemporary art by resident artists and curators at ISCP as well as by artists living and working in New York.

‘A practice of theory does exist;
theory is a specific practice which acts on its own object
and ends in its own product: a knowledge.’
L. Althusser

The dialectical union of theory and practice, analysis and action, intellectual elaboration and concrete gesture has been one of the central focal points of political-philosophical reflection in the 20th Century. Within the postmarxist critical tradition, the combination of theory and practice represents a possibility to produce new and authentically transformative knowledge, embedded in the reality of its time and balanced between theoretical awareness and action and creation.

The exhibition aims to analyze the notion of theoretical practice as explored in the artistic pursuits of nine young artists. Thought and action intertwine in the multiplicity of the works presented, all of which are engaged in creating critical attempts to interpret reality in all of its guises. The works privilege the manifestation of social criticism and philosophical critique, formulating hypotheses and perspectives with particular attention given to the theoretical weight of the concrete gestures and actions enacted through them.

Italian curator and writer Luigi Fassi has been awarded the Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellowship at the Independent Study Program of the Whitney Museum of Amreican Art, New York. He is the artistic director of ar/ge kunst, Bolzano (IT).


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