fine art by jose moya at Room 63 edit info

63 Montrose Brooklyn (leonard and lorimer)
hours: 4 pm till 5am
Cash and Credit Cards
Room 63 on facebook
Room63 is having its grand opening on Friday January 21st at 8 pm. There will be a very exciting and moving art exhibit by 66 year old peruvian born painter Jose Moya. This is his very first showing of his amazing works. Room 63 supports the arts and has a great ambiance and fabulous outdoor dining space..hope to see everyone.

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  • I have hung out at Room63 for Christmas and new years.they opened their doors to Brooklyn to embrace the end of year and embrace the community and for people to see the place and I tell you, it really is a cool place and their outdoor space is kickass specially for this summer.the place is trendy yet down to earth and not stuffy and people were behaving as if they all knew eachother for years including the owners..they have art on the walls from local artists and they support talent..check it out and go see the grandopening and exhibit.
    artscout / Jan 04, 2011, 07:05 PM

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