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334 Grand Ave. Brooklyn 11238
t: 718-230-5002
hours: noon – 6pm Friday and Saturday or by appointment.
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Corridor Project Space:

Paul Jansen
Nina Ziefvert, Curator

Throughout Paul’s career as a painter he looked to portray the expression of universal subconscious notion through consciously executed works in which decidedly repetitive forms are transformed into abstract patterns. Comprised of brilliantly colored, abstract configurations that reflect the conventional ideas of classical painting, Jansen’s heightened perspectives portray intensity and sensuality, unlike anything else in modern painting. From ribbon-like forms to fantasies of color, Jansen confidently pushes and fulfills the making of a truly unique and intricate artist. After being diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2007 Paul and his wife Dolores went on a mission to not only battle cancer but to pour all energy and resources into Paul’s art career. During recovery after surgery and struggling through more then 50 chemo sessions Paul had a real breakthrough in many of his 3-D abstract expressionist paintings with more intense amorphic shapes intonating the beginning of life. Not so neat and tidy but challenging the viewer to find the beginning and the end. After being awarded the Pollack-Krasner Grant last year Paul was able to continue to paint even under the chemotherapy influence and it reinforced his path to do what he was been born to do, paint.

Paul’s wife of 20 years Dolores is continuing to represent Paul’s works and lives with their daughter Ashley, and Petunia their French bulldog in the South Street Seaport in New York.

Corridor Main Space:


Monica Canilao
Valerie Hegarty
Miwa Koizumi
Marie Lorenz
Duke Riley
Deborah Simon
Juana Valdes
Brooklyn Surfer, founded by Michael Green, in collaboration with Robert Longo Brooklyn Tattoo Artists: Robert Bonhomme, Royko Miyahara, Willie Paredes and Adam Suerte

Meridith McNeal, Curator

SHORT form blurb on exhibition:

New York is an archipelago with only about one-eighth of the city on the mainland of North America. From the Hudson River to the beaches of Coney Island, our waters have inspired artists, sailors, fishermen, and even the oldest winter bathing organization in the United States–the venerable Polar Bear Club. The artists in Seaworthy are inspired as well. Working in sculpture, photography, performance, painting, tattoo flash, and collage, they explore the conditions of the coastline, the intricacies of marine animals, and the shipwrecks that can serve as a symbol of the erosion of American values.

Seaworthy will be used as a teaching tool for Rush Education Programs and will support the 2008/09 Rush Education Programs theme, New York Archipelago: Exploring All Things Aquatic.


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