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58 Grand Street Brooklyn 11249 (Kent & Wythe)
t: 718.388.6780
hours: 10 am - 10pm
Cash and Credit Cards
LEIMAY is an umbrella for the work of Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, and the work of these two artists in collaboration, which ranges from photography, video art, art installations, and dance-theater pieces to interdisciplinary collaborations and training projects. Rooted in the body, LEIMAY’s collaborations exist at the interconnection of sound, visual, choreographic, and dramatic elements. In keeping with LEIMAY’s aesthetics and values, Garnica and Moriya also lead CAVE-a work space devoted to the development of performance and installation art located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Operating since 1996, CAVE endeavors to establish an environment that attracts, provokes, and supports exchange, generative confrontation, and collaboration among culturally diverse artists and audiences. By providing training and presenting opportunities, studio and living spaces, producing risk-taking work in the visual and performing arts, and creating a backbone structure to sustain the dance, media, and interdisciplinary work of LEIMAY, CAVE provides an exploratory arena and support system for its resident and community artists.
“The world is realized through experience, discovered through questioning, and changed by action.”

Our programming is in itself a work of art, constantly transforming as a living organism open to new challenges, constantly re-shaping in response to internal and external dynamics

LEIMAY’s current primary activities include:
1. LEIMAY Fellowship
2. Low-cost, long/short term rental spaces for artists and art lovers.
3. SOAK Festival, an annual performance festival.
4. LUDUS, educational activities related to Butoh and Noguchi studies; as well as for various art-related disciplines.
5. White Studio, a low-cost dance rental facility.
6. Performance Series, presenting the performing arts.
7. Productions, special commissions and management of LEIMAY, Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya’s art projects.
8. conectom, a free online social network, with additional low-cost membership upgrade to access a community database of no-cost, no-trade share services.*under initial development


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